Podcast Series on Veterinary Mental Wellness

Often times, those experiencing challenges suffer in silence. They fear the negative repercussions of discussing their challenges openly. As a society, we need to say “no more is it acceptable to suffer in silence. You are  not alone.” 

The I Matter Podcast is focused on arming Ontario veterinarians with knowledge and strategies to better cope with and respond to the challenges they face in their professional and personal lives. We’re chatting with practitioners and mental wellness experts to give veterinarians a voice, and show others that they are not alone. Here’s some of the discussions we’ve had:


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You Matter – Taking Care of Yourself During the Pandemic Webinar

Whether you’re working in clinic or isolated at home, the uncertainty and stress can be overwhelming. In this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Colleen Best provides practical strategies and tools for taking care of yourself and coping with the uncertainty of the pandemic. Watch the webinar recording. You can also get your curbside bingo cards.

Shifting Gears – Strategies to Support Well-Being During COVID-19 Webinar

As the pandemic wears on, its impact on us grows more apparent, placing strain on virtually every facet of our lives. In this webinar, Dr. Colleen Best helps you avoid burnout by focusing on well-being and strategies to navigate the day-to-day challenges of COVID-19. Watch the webinar recording.

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Managing your way through the pandemic can be very difficult. For OVMA members who are struggling with anxiety, depression or stress, be sure to take advantage of the Member Assistance Program to access the support you need.

For additional help, visit The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s COVID-19 resource webpage.

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An important aspect of mental health and wellness is understanding when you need professional help. Please visit the links on this page to get additional support.

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